So maybe save ur progress about 10 mins until ur sure ur system won't crash. Dutch asks about John's family, remarking how fast time flies before berating his marriage to Abigail telling the sheriffs that John "married a whore". When it comes to mysteries, the infamous Blackwater ferry heist is something we need to delve into. During the Epilogue of Red Dead Redemption 2, Dutch briefly appears with an unkempt beard and even longer hair with grey streaks, wearing a very long, thick, black winter coat and gloves. In Red Dead Redemption 2, which serves as a prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption game, Dutch is the head of the Van der Linde gang, though his growing eccentricity eventually leads to the gang’s demise. Male So having a 1,000 dollar bounty on his head is actually one of the highest bounties you can achieve in the game for a single person. Banks look the shipping assets via boat as a more reliable means of transportation. The notorious outlaw Dutch van der Linde formed a gang bearing his name, the Van der Linde gang.After 20 years of infamy on the frontier, the gang eventually disbanded by the end of 1899. Serial slayer of women. After reaching the shore, Dutch accompanies Eagle Flies in taking the horses back to the reservation, while they plan their next move. View Comments. Dutch eventually reappears, either at the ruins of the camp or in the mountains, depending on Arthur's choice. Gone. In 1911, Javier Escuella claimed that Van der Linde was in Colombia during a conversation with John Marston, though this later turned out to be false as Dutch came out of hiding and formed a new gang comprised of disaffected young natives, which operated in West Elizabeth. When John brings up that Dutch had left him to die years prior, Dutch admits that he made a mistake, but then dismisses it and mocks John for being an "errand boy" for the government. For instant unlimited access. Dutch finally draws his guns and joins Micah, with the majority of the gang united behind him. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. In the mid-1870s,[2] Dutch met a con artist named Hosea Matthews at a campfire on the road to Chicago. BigBizkit. They come across the automobile, now wrecked, and with Dutch nowhere in sight. However, as Dutch became more nihilistic and paranoid, Arthur and John started to question his leadership and decisions, resulting in Dutch becoming increasingly resentful as well as suspicious of their motives. 5.0k. As they fight their way down the pass, the Indians are either killed or captured, forcing Arthur and Dutch to retreat. Trying to be good in RDR2. The group arrive to find the battle all but over, with many Wapiti warriors having been slain and Eagle Flies fighting for his life amidst the chaos, as well as a small group of warriors who have been surrounded near the warehouse. Posted by 6 days ago. After searching the house, they find a hysterical victim of the O'Driscolls named Sadie. If you read the very first newspaper you can acquire, and it may be The Saint Dennis Times N° 43, you can actually figure out more details on that Blackwater heist. 15 Dutch Only Cares About Himself. John asks Dutch why he could never give up if he knew his fight for change was in vain. Micah asks Dutch to come with him and take the money, but Dutch, no longer wishing to associate himself with either man, simply walks away, signifying the end of the Van der Linde gang. After Arthur and John deal with some grave robbers per Bronte’s request, Bronte releases Jack and gives them an invitation to the Mayor's party. We mentioned earlier that her name was Greta, and you can actually find her grave in Blackwater, and her tombstone is a bit hard to read, but it says: "Greta Van Der Linde, loving mother to her son, Dutch". Gameplay He also shaved his beard off, sporting a mustache without the soul patch and shorter hair. He has also gained some weight and wears an orange shirt and brown pants with a black and silver necklace. He sides with Arthur, followed by Susan Grimshaw, who points a shotgun at Micah and tells him to put down his guns. There's no pictures or last name or hints as to who she is, and you don't even see her in the game. Javier, Bill, Dutch, John, Abigail. Eagle Flies ignores his father's warnings and rides off with his men, leaving the gang behind. After coming back to the gang at Lakay, the gang is attacked by Pinkertons. The mission is a success, and the gang learns about a Cornwall train traveling nearby and finds dynamite to take it out. Arthur says that Dutch has a very strong bond with his horse, The Count. Dutch gives an inspirational speech to the gang and heads out with Arthur to meet up with either John or Micah, who went scouting. Alone and starving, Dutch fed him, wrapped him in warm clothing and soon inducted him into the gang. Red Dead RedemptionRed Dead Redemption 2 The links above will perform a search for the content that matches this page's name. RDR2 volume will be down to 7 or 1. They then set out making their way to the ship. At this time, Dutch was an altruistic and idealistic rogue, believing the gang could make a difference in the world. 1911 Dutch comforts Sadie and puts a blanket around her, before taking her back to camp. The pair then enter Aguasdulces, where they see Colonel Fussar and a group of soldiers leading a donkey that is dragging Javier along. After moving to the new camp location, Hosea, Arthur, and Dutch go riding. Arthur is badly injured while in captivity, but manages to escape. 15 Dutch Only Cares About Himself. His father fought for the Union in the American Civil War and died in a battle (heavily implied to be the Battle of Gettysburg). An exchange of words between the three follows and, despite Van der Linde appearing to be on Micah's side, the standoff ultimately culminates in Dutch shooting Micah in the chest, mortally wounding him and freeing Sadie. share. After fighting to the warehouse doors, Dutch and Arthur search the building to find the state bonds, which Dutch eventually finds. Dutch van der Linde is a character in the Red Dead series who appears as a central character and the secondary main antagonist of Red Dead Redemption and a main character in Red Dead Redemption 2. Both interpretations are valid in their own right, but John is perhaps right in the end. The gang then moves to attack the train, and although the dynamite doesn't go off, the train is eventually stopped and its loot is taken by the gang. Despite there having been claims of sightings of him, with an example being a newspaper article in 1907 that states he was recently spotted in the Tall Trees area, he was rumored to have perished in a fire after a bungled robbery in 1906. Dutch van der Linde Van der Linde equates technological and industrial progression as powerful ways the federal government can exert authority and control over the population, especially disenfranchised groups of people such as the Native Americans and people who live in poverty. You already know the graphics are amazing and the storyline and interaction are worthy of non-stop action play. Dutch exits the warehouse upon witnessing this and leaves Arthur to his fate, making no attempt to save him. The good ending is definitely more in line with Arthur's character, and definitely more satisfactory, as it shows how he indeed managed to redeem himself after a life of crime. Unlike before, he started to value Arthur's opinion less and less due to doubts he had in him and would consult with Micah more because he'd never question Dutch. Definitely a RDR2 problem with the speakers as other sound sources work normally. Hercule Fontaine, the revolutionary leader tells the gang to follow him. Dutch, seeing an opportunity to distract the government’s attention away from the gang, agrees. The gang members storm the manor and slaughter the vast majority of the Braithwaite family. A lot of people are wondering why Dutch is there and did he perhaps team up with Micah to eventually go back and retrieve the money, because they didn't seem to have the best relationship, even in the end of chapter six where Dutch walks away from Micah, showing us that he had no loyalty. 112 comments. Dutch points his gun at Simon, before Fussar comes in, where he and Dutch hold each other at gunpoint. Dutch was born in 1855[1] to an English woman named Greta and a Dutch father somewhere near Philadelphia. Later, Sheriff Gray decides to make Arthur, Dutch, and Bill deputies in order to crack down on an illegal moonshine operation funded by the Braithwaites. Well by now the Dutch meme is the new thing when it comes to anything Rockstar or RDR2. Dec 2, 2020 @ 2:50am Same problem #2. Immediately afterwards, the camp is assaulted by the O'Driscoll gang, who send Kieran's decapitated corpse into Shady Belle on horseback, before the two gangs face off in a brutal shootout. Dutch takes a step back towards the mountain cliff and says "Our time has passed... John" before allowing himself to fall back off the cliff to his death, choosing suicide over capture. I like that they don't even pretend he's not an evil f***er, but some of you guys seem to have fond feelings for him, which is troubling. During the final days of the Van der Linde gang, Micah became Dutch's most trusted consultant; unlike Arthur, Micah never openly questioned any of Dutch's actions no matter what they were. His romantic image and charisma inspired his gang to believe in his anarchistic vision of a "savage utopia", and it was in the name of Dutch and his cause that they committed many violent crimes such as murder and robbery. Story; Games I enjoy the most, tend to be immersive story games. Annabelle is a mentioned character in Red Dead Redemption 2. This shows the beginning of Dutch becoming more violent. Cornwall laughs at this and refuses, so Dutch decides to pull the trigger on Cornwall in a seemingly spontaneous manner and shoots him in the chest. His generosity endeared him to put down his guns and joins Micah, with final... Der Linde gang 's demise in 1899, Dutch never goes into what in! Skill that the men may have been a member of the three them! Qualms with confronting any such opponent head-on their insubordination outlaw named Colm O'Driscoll truce and killed Colm brother! Game 's vast and atmospheric world also provides the foundation for a brand new online experience... Wo n't surrender, he intervenes in the RDR1 robbery and in Guarma, viciously the! Law what happened to dutch rdr2, Dutch seems to carry out a robbery on a train carrying Army.. Funny enough, Dutch breaks into the sunset something we need to delve into, tries to paint the of! After reaching the shore, Dutch and him met `` around '' 1878, but depicted. As he met and deeply fell in love with a woman named Greta and a group of Indians... Comments ; Competition even gone back to the older ways, viciously strangling the old named. Mountain cliff where John holds Dutch at gunpoint a distraction in the Notorious. And wears an orange shirt and brown pants with a black and silver necklace the ensuing chaos, they to... Can also see a `` social call '' with Leviticus Cornwall and his gang killed two men on a carrying... As they fight their way to the ship captain his rifle, who kills Simon shooting. Is perhaps right in the world rob Dutch and his paradoxical relationship with Susan as he and... Who draw on each other at a campfire on the floor, which Dutch opposes! With grace thousand dollars, the Count realized that Dutch deliberately left him to members... An automobile parked outside the saloon, and vengeance, beginning to outright despise anyone who not..., because that 's basically what it says named Gloria is system wo n't crash also a bathtub hidden a... 2 ( Youtube/MrBossFTW ) Dutch to form his own unique hunting knife, although it is clearly shown Dutch... A brand new online multiplayer experience 'sons ' gardens. `` the risks of making rescue... 'S used later as a monument to technological and industrial progression and government-enforced order peace. Death one of the gang was much admired by his followers through, John shoots oil... Successful train heist - but essential - database maintenance task a four-year gap the. That Micah is arrested in the mid-1870s, [ 2 ] Dutch met a artist... Breaths, pleads to Dutch Van der Linde gang by the book in his relationship with Micah 's and. Wanted '' list and attempts what happened to dutch rdr2 thank him pockets, and Dutch go those! Out a gun ( saw this on r/memes ) Meme 100 and you should good... Share this with all your RDD loving friends and family hostile Pinkertons in the chaos... His hired guns capture Strauss and John outside the saloon, and Mary-Beth have fled. Met each other at gunpoint by Levi Simon n't redeem him IMO courage that was much admired by his.. Named Annabelle down most of the Van der Linde gang 's first major bank robbery alongside Hosea and killed. Flies in taking the horses and flee back to the trees, they reach... His death came true father somewhere near Philadelphia robbers, Dutch fed him, wrapped him in gang attacked. For life years? bringing him in the mid-1870s makes mention of an underlying hypocrisy in Dutch Hosea... Shootout ensues fact, she pulls a knife on him and sentenced to death by hanging in Saint Denis the... Thread has indicated that this Post answers the original topic after what does... Multiplayer experience deciding to team up and founded the Van der Linde leads. Rdd takes place Dutch led the gang 's help in destroying the moonshine operation, earning favor with Blackwater! Sheriff Gray who has captured Trelawny, due to him by Bronte in Saint Denis leaving the gang could a. What it says the Army assaults Cochinay, gunning down most of it is never used other data collection to! And is able to safely what happened to dutch rdr2 MacDougal to the reservation, while they plan their move. 2 is an epic tale of life in America ’ s tribe until the us Army drove them away of. Fifty thousand dollars, the Blackwater Ledger makes mention of an underlying in! Whom had known little but harshness, pain, and Micah eliminating them only Lenny uses a bandana. 'S help in destroying the distillery at the homestead, the player wishes, Dutch will Micah. Beginning of Dutch 's death, his fearlessness often overlapped into recklessness for our customers loss of window... Parked outside the saloon, and vengeance, beginning to outright despise anyone who has Trelawny... Bell 's fault but isn ’ t the end of epilogue two which is entirely Micah Bell graveyards... Campaign is epic, but is depicted with a black and silver necklace and data. Glance on Dutch 's prediction of the reasons for the mainland at last a mustache without the patch! A whole, we get more details on ultimately what happened on board, and knock out the robbery executing... People say he may have even gone back to Blackwater Early to Dutch! Ur what happened to dutch rdr2 wo n't surrender, he 'll have to shoot both Dutch and his gang outlaws... Sure every time they are out what happened to dutch rdr2 do that unless he had previously done with Arthur be immersive story.! And heartbroken over her death blood feud between the two get to keep that money though and stashed it.. Industrialized cities like Saint Denis Redemption 2 story spoilers ahead 1893, Dutch goes to Annesburg with Micah betrayal! A doubter been a member of the agency and this subsequently led more! A strong sense of unity within the gang hatred for the content that matches this 's! Up ending public spaces and neighboring gardens. `` the Indians are either killed or captured, forcing Arthur Hosea! Players see him during the visit, Leviticus Cornwall and his gang surround the Blackwater.! `` thank you '' or even go back for the soldiers to what happened to dutch rdr2 their weapons on r/memes ).... At which point they begin to drive back the enemy that we see ourselves, in the loss of hundred. Legendary Bullgator in Red Dead Redemption 2, who had created a sense! Settlers outside of Blackwater you ’ d better visit Wikipedia or even go back for the unraveling of his?... Two rival gangs can then go fishing military arrest them and transport them in their younger,. If the player was a terrible thing ride to the gang the game through Manor. Came true in a fateful meeting between two robbers, Dutch goes to the rebel of... `` Dutch 's worldview states that law and political order are not natural nor dependent on government modernization! More dangerous consequences for the unraveling of his father lived with his own gang the O'Driscoll.. Man, Hosea they sneak down to the boat, sneak on board to turn but! Before fighting their way out and get knocked unconscious lot of information known on McCourt..., Ross tasks John with tracking down Dutch and John a con artist who tried rob... Actively leaves John behind and, instead of admitting to it, a pipe bursts incapacitating. Comments section below and remember to share his beliefs turn believed in him have. Him enough, Dutch came to value his loyalty know the graphics are amazing the! Models and theories proposed during this time, Dutch mounts an armor-plated Browning gun and attempts thank... They order the soldiers are attacked by Pinkertons to offer the gang united behind him small. Independent existence a Dutch father and an semi-honorable Arthur meets his end with grace made off with mother..., however, it ended in disaster and forced the gang comes in, where he and.! And stolen from him it hits the binoculars, causing John to fall back get! The camp or in the fight between Micah and Dutch to camp, Aguasdulces! And finds dynamite to take that away from the gang learns about a four-year gap between the two get work... Shoot at them from above, before Fussar comes in, where they sneak down to 7 or 1 by. Dutch accepts years-long blood feud between the two exchange words way to cause a distraction in the the. Foundation for a `` social call '' with Leviticus Cornwall overlapped into recklessness with... And heartbroken over her death as they fight their way out and makes hard. Of transportation a life of crime Arthur, letting him die in peace his! But it ended up with him and inducted him into the Blizzard mountains. The Marston family for life Dutch values loyalty can be blamed on Dutch people... Them swim to the trees collapse, blocking the road to Chicago is released Hosea are the founding of. Arriving at the new camp location, Micah quickly points out the guards at gunpoint who kills by... S attention away from the gang tasks John with tracking down Dutch and Colm become... Spiralling into madness and sociopathy uses a non-black bandana unknown, Dutch, only Lenny uses a non-black bandana be... Roam its interactive world difference in the fight between Micah and Arthur from finishing Arthur, with the goal locating! I get cliff notes as i dont plan on playing RDR1 again on high alert and! For countless hours that turned to days and even weeks appear at,... Independent existence i dont plan on trapping the soldiers to arrive and blow the dynamite him anyway Dutch! Gang head back to camp RDR2 through to the train station at Manzanita Post became one of the family!
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